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Bamboo Dreams Photography - What's In A Name?

Hey there! I am so glad that you are visiting my site, and want to first send you my warmest congratulations for the great things happening in your life that have sent you searching for a professional photographer!

Every journey is unique. The details that you add to your life make your journey even more special. Photography is a way to both stop time, and to make it last forever. Everyone has a tiny camera today - we carry them everywhere. And selfies can be a lot of fun. But there is no replacement for photographs taken by a pro who knows how to find the best light, the best angle, and how to showcase your story in such a way that you are proud to show off the results. You deserve a storyteller who pays attention to both preparation and fine tuning, and who truly appreciates the efforts that you have made to get to this point in your journey. I love to capture those beautiful moments in just the right way - whether it be at a major event such as your wedding, engagement, graduation, or following the birth of Baby #1 or Baby #4; or just spending an afternoon celebrating the love you share with the amazing people in your life.

I chose bamboo as the symbol for my photographic endeavors because of its beautiful combination of strength and happiness. The strength comes from its inherent flexibility, knowing that swaying with - not against - the wind is most effective. There is no sound more peaceful and soothing than when the wind moves gently through a bamboo forest – it is like hearing the forest laugh. And the symbol for bamboo is part of the Chinese character representing “smile” and “laugh” - two sure signs of happiness! Every project has its share of challenges, so the ability to remain flexible, and roll with whatever may happen, is vital. And my primary goal is always to ensure that the time you and your loved ones spend in front of the camera is relaxed and full of smiles and laughter!

When you choose Bamboo Dreams Photography, you are making the decision to choose professionalism, flexibility, and dedication to excellence and exceeding your expectations. But above all, you are choosing my commitment to capturing the wonderful moments in your life so that you can just relax and enjoy them the first time around, and then be able to enjoy them again and again for years to come. Let me be part of your special event, or preserve your every day celebration, and we will tell your story together. You will love the results!