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Joanne + Jorge: Sunset on the Beach - A Sweetheart Portrait Session

Palm trees, sand dunes, and sunset on the beach. Add to that a couple who is so full of laughter and contentedness together that it is absolutely infectious, and you have a fun, romantic, joy-filled evening! I could not have asked for a better combination for enjoying this couple’s sweetheart session with Joanne and Jorge! They love to dance together (we are planning a future dance-themed session!), cook and host friends together, and generally just enjoy the wonders of a life surrounded by love, family, and happiness. I cannot be more thrilled that they found each other, and I am sure that this was just a hint of all the wonderful things to come in this sweet couple's journey together! ❤️

One of my favorite things about Florida is that you can find pockets of natural beauty anywhere you go! While scouting for this couple’s portrait session, I discovered the perfect stand of mature palm trees on the fringe of the dunes leading to a very popular small beach. They offered just the right amount of privacy and created the glow that makes golden hour portraits simply the best! Thankfully, Joanne & Jorge were willing to trust me that this ideal portrait location (which just happened to be next to a parking lot, and was a thriving slice of raw nature between a group of condos and a set of dumpsters!) would be the perfect first stop in our plan to showcase how amazing they are together! (note: you should always trust your photographer when she suggests unlikely locations off the beaten path - that is usually where the magic happens! ✨)

From the palm trees, we shifted to the dunes which bordered the beach just as the sun began to lower across the horizon. The crystal white sand and wispy beach grass provided an intimate little nook to capture Joanne and Jorge’s fabulously coordinated seaside outfits. And when we landed on the full beach, I had the pleasure of capturing the endless, relaxed fun this couple has with each other: strolling, laughing, and - to cap off a wonderful evening - being mesmerized by the eternal beauty of the ocean as it is romanced by the setting sun....