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"Teach your children well...and know they love you."

Happy Monday! I hope that your day has begun on a great note, and am happy to be spending some fun time together to kick off the week!

Last Thursday, I had the enormous pleasure of taking my husband and my parents to see the music icon, Bob Seger, before a hometown crowd. The four of us have a long and impressive list of live concerts we have attended, and we have all been huge fans of Bob Seger his entire career, so it is rather strange that none of us had seen him live before. Last year, he announced that this would be his last tour, following some recent health issues, after having entertained audiences around the world for over 50 years. Most of his 2019 tour dates had already sold out, so when he announced a last minute show just a few weeks ago, at a smaller local venue, I jumped at the chance to buy tickets. And I was able to give them to my parents on my dad's birthday just a few days later!

The show was (predictably) amazing, and I had the added bonus of running into a dear college friend and his wife who were seeing the show for the first time too! It was a wonderful thing, to be able to gift this experience to my parents, and to be able to enjoy it along with them so that we can reminisce about it together for years to come. Bob Seger's touring days may be coming to an end, but the influence from his incredible music and the shared experiences that he has given to millions of families worldwide is far from over.

Without a doubt, my musical tastes were influenced by my parents. For their great taste in music, and having shared it so freely while I was growing up (at times pretty loudly - haha!), I am deeply indebted. Just to name a few, incomparable artists and groups such as: Cat Stevens, Van Morrison, the Doors, Cher, Terry Jacks, Neil Diamond, countless from the Doo-Wop era, the Bee Gees, Prince, and many more are deeply rooted in my childhood memory banks and their true brilliance has given me endless pleasure. There are very few influences that last your entire life, and rarely does their impact grow stronger the older you become. That is exactly the case with my recognition and appreciation of great music, which stems from my parents' direct example. I watched my father go from album, to cassette, to CD collections; he always had quality stereo equipment; and I am pretty sure that I memorized the words to "Little Red Corvette" within a few days of him buying the single because it had been played so many times! I always knew when my mother was doing Spring cleaning because I could hear Neil Diamond blaring from the stereo when I came home from school. And listening to or watching programs like Alan Alman's "Pillow Talk", Deney Terrio's "Dance Fever" (random fact: Deney Terrio and I were born in the same town in Florida!), and the "The Soul Train" were rituals in our house while I was growing up. For all of this, I feel extremely fortunate.

(*note: if you have never heard or watched those shows, you will get a kick out of watching old clips on You Tube of the dance shows! "Pillow Talk" was the long-running nightly radio show playing the top love songs and the host had a really deep voice that everyone loved. Maybe listening to that program for so many years planted the idea for capturing love stories for couples as their wedding photographer!)

So, to all of you with children, keep giving and teaching, and showing and sharing. And most of all, keep enjoying the things in life that make you happy, and joyful, and relaxed, and inspired. Your children will see you and watch you, and they will learn from your example. And then they will look for ways to give back to you and to others, so that those around them can experience things that will make them happy, joyful, relaxed, and inspired.

Scroll down to see some of the amazing little people that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the last year, whose parents have taught them so many things already; some of the wonderful bonds that I have witnessed between parents and their children; and a few expectant parents while they were anxiously waiting to teach and share with their children all of the wondrous things that await them!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have a great week ahead!

~ Deborah

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