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Avery & Michael - An Intimate Celebration at the Dunes

Coastal sand dunes are a very unique, naturally occurring phenomenon. The Great Lakes in the Midwest United States have a very special dune ecosystem which border almost their entire, massive coastline. People in Michigan know they have hit that blessed area known as "up north" once they start to see the dunes. If you have ever tried to climb up or down a set of dunes, you know that they are a challenge in both directions, and the view from the top is always the best for miles around!

If you are lucky, you may even find some smaller sand dunes a bit further inland, like those in the tiny park outside of Grand Rapids known as Provin Trails Park. Just a short walk from the road is a beautiful, hidden set of dunes which was the perfect romantic location for Avery and Michael to celebrate their wedding anniversary with an intimate couple's photo session. Avery was dressed in a breathtaking lace dress, adorned with gorgeous detail all the way along the long-sleeves; and Michael wore a navy suit, complete with bowtie for the occasion! Most of their session was done without his jacket, both to combat the very warm temperature that day, but also because his more casual look was a wonderful complement to Avery's dress and the natural setting. Their beautiful, matching stationary suite was created by Lullabelle Designs to commemorate their wedding. And both Avery's amazing bouquet and the arbor were masterfully designed by Glamor & Grit Floral.

Avery and Michael were a complete joy to photograph, and the connection they share was tangible every time they looked at each other, and stood side by side (or back to back!). Their connection is definitely the kind that all couples aspire to achieve and maintain! Oftentimes, the most beautiful settings are found right nearby, and by adding just the right touches, can produce beautiful memories which they will look back on to enjoy forever!

The next best thing to serving as a couple's wedding photographer is being able to help them celebrate their anniversaries and other special times in their lives by capturing those memories as they make them. Avery and Michael have been happily married for two years now, and it is like seeing a pair of newlyweds the way they interact! Avery has an incredibly natural, easy smile, and every time it made her face literally glow, Michael's look of love and appreciation showed just how deeply these two are connected. It was an absolute pleasure to spend this evening with them, and I wish Avery and Michael many, many more anniversary celebrations together!

Happy Friday everyone!

~ Deborah

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