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All Seasons All At Once

People joke that we can have all four seasons in one week. Well, this year it has been more true than ever before. Whether you believe in global warming, the romantic but tragic tale of Persephone and Hades, or an all-powerful Mother Nature, there is no question that the weather has its very own ideas of how to behave lately. Fortunately I have beautiful couples and individuals who want their photos taken during each traditional season - sometimes because of, and sometimes in spite of the weather! As a wedding and portrait photographer, you have to be prepared for wind, rain, snow, ice, extreme hot and cold, pollen, dust, insects, mud, and water of all shapes and sizes (rivers, lakes, puddles, streams, canals, oceans - you name it!). The longer I shoot weddings, the more extensive my bag of "necessities" becomes which accompanies me to every wedding and portrait session. I have to be a cross between James Bond and MacGyver so that I am prepared for any and every "just in case"!

Especially on wedding days, couples have so much on their minds, that little things can fall between the cracks or not be anticipated. That is exactly why I make myself extremely available to my couples to help with their pre-wedding timeline and their "day of" checklist in order to ease their minds with what not to forget. I am able to expect the unexpected for them, by relying on experiences that they will not have had, especially if this is their first wedding. Fortunately, when it comes to my photography, my clients can rely on that part of the process with no worries, regardless of the season! I always make it a priority to capture the beauty and uniqueness of the surrounding area, every single time I pick up my camera. The result is images which focus on the love and the joy and the singular beauty of the moments taking place.

Kind of like a really good set of tires - I am an "all-season" photographer! And I would not trade the unpredictable part of taking photographs in the elements for anything. I love being outdoors, and the best memories do not wait for the perfect day or the perfect weather.

So, starting with this week's winter wonderland (and showing some of the crazy variations we have experienced within each one), here is a roll through the seasons to show that your best memories should always be about your love, your life, and your experiences, with no concern about whether the forecast was right that day!

I hope that everyone has a great week ahead!


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