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Jessica & Aaron's Engagement Session - A Ring, A Ruby, and A River...

Every little girl wants to be a Disney princess when she grows up, but how many actually realize that dream? Well, one of my brides, Jessica, did just that! She spent a season in Orlando extending the promise of that wish to all of the wide-eyed little girls visiting Disney World with that vision. And when I recently had the pleasure of photographing Jessica's engagement session, she looked just like a princess - only this time, she was with her real life prince, Aaron. Seeing them together - with their endless smiles and laughter - is truly like watching a fairytale! Jessica will be an absolutely stunning bride at their wedding this fall, with Aaron, her handsome prince, right by her side, and I cannot wait to capture every moment of their big day as their wedding photographer. If there is magic to be had on that day, it will be surrounding these two, without a doubt!

Jessica and Aaron met while working at a Halloween park together, and they have since regularly enjoyed a variety of festivals, theme parks, and concerts together. Aaron actually proposed DURING a concert they were attending - talk about movie-level romantic (yeah, Aaron!!). I am certain that this couple's adventures together have only just begun, and seeing their excitement about what is yet to come made their engagement session truly a joy to photograph. The entire afternoon with Jessica and Aaron was so much fun, and their wedding is sure to be an event worthy of a story for the ages!!

We scheduled their engagement session to take place at the Yates Cider Mill, where Jessica and Aaron enjoy visiting. The grounds were beautiful, despite it being a very cold, blustery day. Fortunately, the river (one of the main attractions) winds around the cider mill property, so we could take advantage of the gorgeous late afternoon sunlight with various backgrounds. Even on a winter day, the couple of hours before sunset are always the best time for photographs!

Jessica and Aaron started their session elegantly dressed in matching, rich burgundy hues, offset by Jessica's gorgeous, fitted jacket. Combined with Aaron's timeless smoking jacket and bow tie, their ensemble was incredibly classy.

Bianca's Hair and Beauty (@_biancashairandbeauty) did a wonderful job making sure that Jessica look especially stunning for their engagement session.

We fit in a mini princess session to show off the beautiful tiara that Jessica he had gotten as a gift from her friend, which completed her royal look perfectly that day!

And let's not forget the details which made Jessica and Aaron's engagement session so very unique: their rings and the sword - yes... the sword! This incredibly intricate trio combined to make some of my favorite detail shots ever! Jessica and Aaron are Lord of the Rings fans, and their family collects swords from the renown world of Tolkien, so they wanted to incorporate one of the swords into their engagement photographs. Lifelong Lord of the Rings fan and lover of really cool detail shots, I of course said yes! Jessica's engagement ring had been in Aaron's family, so it carried an extra measure of sentimental value. And its center stone looked absolutely amazing when paired with the ornately inscribed blade -the glistening ruby giving the sword an awesome pop of color! Adding in Aaron's puzzle ring (one of jewlery's coolest creations) provided just the right measure of intrigue and mystery for this official start of their romantic wedding adventure!

One of the very few living things which reaches its full color during winter, the red twig dogwood bushes growing down by the river were in all their bright red glory. They were the perfect element for featuring Jessica and Aaron's gorgeous rings and this awe-inspiring sword, worthy of an epic adventure.