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Sarah & Nick's Engagement Session at a Secret Greek Pavilion

Have you ever discovered somewhere new in your area that is like a secret place - a total hidden gem in the middle of the city? Well, that is exactly what happened with the park where we held Sarah and Nick's engagement session. While scouting for locations one day last fall, Mike and I stumbled upon this little park - on an island - in Ann Arbor, right near the University of Michigan's campus. It is full of cool bridges, literally surrounded by a river, and has an amazing Greek pavilion in a little clearing at one end of the park. Since I am a huge fan of islands, water, and unique architecture, it became one of my favorite spots local from that first visit. I have spent literally my entire life exploring Ann Arbor, and I had never seen this special place before. I mentioned the location to my parents and it turns out that this hidden little park was where they were engaged! So much has changed in the neighborhood that they thought it wasn't there any longer. My parents just celebrated their 50th anniversary, so I had to wait for the perfect couple to hold an engagement session there.

Enter Sarah and Nick.

These two are such a sweet couple and their session was a complete joy to photograph. They chose a perfect early Spring day for their engagement session, and with all of the parks in the Metro Detroit area, we had lots of options. I suggested this little island park, and we made photography magic that afternoon! Every location, every pose, and every suggestion - Sarah and Nick were amazing! Their connection is so obvious from their images, and it is even more clear in person. They compliment each other extremely well, and I can't wait to capture all of the gorgeous moments from their big day as their wedding photographer!

The natural setting of their engagement session suited Sarah and Nick so incredibly well. They were relaxed and joyful, and embraced the opportunity to spend time together celebrating being in love and almost married! Their wedding ceremony will take place at a beautiful outdoor venue, followed by a late summer evening full of fun for their friends and family. It is sure to be full of opportunities to capture these two loving their new life together!

Come see more from this wonderful engagement session: Sarah and Nick on a couple of very cool bridges, with the super fun kayaks which are literally planted upright in the ground at the park, and then some of my most favorite engagement photographs ever - these two lovebirds at this amazing Greek pavilion just as the sun was starting to set!

I hope that your week has started on a fantastic note. Keep your eyes open for secret little places near you!

Happy June!!

~ deborah