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            we're Deborah & Mike!

Bamboo Dreams is more than just a name

Planning a wedding is definitely a journey!   The rest of life is way too full of stress, so helping to make this important piece more peaceful and relaxing - and yes, fun! - for the two of you is our top priority.    Your wedding journey will be full of options, maybe some obstacles, and lots of potential potholes.    You deserve to enjoy the entire journey, so you can look back not only on your wedding day, but also on this very special time leading up to it, and have nothing but happy memories!   

The name "Bamboo Dreams" was born in the magical bamboo forest of the Haleakala National Forest, on the island of Maui (where we were married).  There is no sound more peaceful and soothing than the wind moving gently through a bamboo forest – it's like hearing the forest laugh.  We chose bamboo as our symbol because it beautifully combines happiness with flexibility.  Bamboo is part of the Chinese symbol for “smile” and “laugh” - two sure signs of happiness!  And the strength of bamboo comes from its inherent flexibility, knowing that swaying with - not against - the wind is most effective.   

We have navigated obstacles, found a solution to road blocks, and protected our couples from even knowing that possible problems existed.   As one of our couples, you will receive all the benefits of our experience and our flexibility.  At each step along your wedding journey, you will have us here to help guide you, to make sure that your path is clear, stable, and super efficient, so you can just focus on your vision for your perfect day!   And when we reach your big day together,  we'll capture your exciting moments, your quiet moments, and your breathtakingly romantic moments, so you can just relax and enjoy them the first time around, with the peace of mind that you can look back and enjoy them for years to come! 


Some Fun Stuff About Us

It's not just a line - we really do appreciate you taking the time to get to know us.   We're looking so forward to meeting you and being part of the fabulous things happening in your life!   We hope that we share some favorite things with you, because we don't want to be just a vendor whose names become a blur after your wedding.  We get to have a back stage pass, and a front row seat, to one of the most important days of your lives, which we consider a true privilege.  You become a part of our journey too, so we hope that we'll stay in each other's lives long after your gallery and albums have been delivered!  So when we're chatting online, exchanging emails, or hanging out taking awesome photos of the two of you, please tell us what you like to do, your favorite foods & movies, places you want to visit - so we can trade fun stories before and after your wedding!


Ok, we'll start...

I'm a giant fan of books & movies.  Great love stories, mysteries, and tales of far away lands.  Some of my very favorite places are Narnia, Middle Earth, Wonderland, & anywhere created by Stan Lee!  I wanted to be a marine biologist, but would definitely panic coming face-to-face with anything creepy or bigger than me!  I've been known go way out of my way for good live music, sidewalk cafes & bookstores.  I'm fluent in French and I lived in Paris, so if you ever want an insider's tour, I'm your girl!    


I'm a native Floridian and I was born, married, and live on 3 different islands!   I adore my furry friends and being surrounded by nature.   I could watch pelicans skim the ocean for hours, and I believe that every sun set is totally unique.  I look very forward to warm Summer evenings and fresh cider & donuts in the Fall.  I love that first piece of a super tasty pizza, everything about Christmas & Halloween, and the smell of a vanilla or cinnamon candle.  And a full guest is a happy guest, so I love cooking & baking - especially for the holidays. 

My mornings aren't complete without a cup of Twinning's English Breakfast tea with creamer & honey.  I can never get enough of sunny days, empty beaches, or walks in the woods.  I drive a Jeep & love back roads.  I wish flowering trees & sunflowers had longer seasons.  I'm Polish & Irish, and I've been told I make the best pierogies!    I'm a lifelong tree-hugger (give me all the banyans & palms!),  and a big fan of the planet, so I do my best to help protect it!

Mike's up next! 

I'm a Motor City Native.  I love sitting in the sun first thing in the morning - ok, anytime of day!  Swimming is one of my favorite things - either in a pool or the ocean.   I definitely think that warm weather is much better than cold.  And days are always better with naps. 

I can't decide if I like the ocean or the mountains better.  My middle name is Francis.  I have two little sisters (they'll always be littler than me!).   I'm a big fan of spicy food, salty snacks (everything's better with chips!), seafood, and all kinds of desserts.  I'm Polish & Irish, plus a little German mixed in.  And I really do believe that laughter is the best medicine!

I really enjoy watching sports, especially during playoff season, and Fall means Michigan Football at the Big House - Go Blue!  Being outside is best, but I really can't stand mosquitoes!  I love hanging out with my big family.  I sing and play guitar in 2 different bands, and my plan is to release an album - or two...

Deborah + Mike ~ We call both Michigan & Florida home  *  love boating & hiking  *  always hunt down the best local ice cream parlor  *  were married on Maui and believe in the meaning of Aloha  *  adopted a tiny gecko our first night on the island, who we named "Winkie"  *  are big fans of flannel sheets, comfy patio furniture, buying organic, and shopping local  *  adore being welcomed home by our best furry friends!   


Places we like to wander & hang out: Whole Foods Market, Anthropologie, The Ark (and the rest of A2!), art fairs, the beach, Publix, the movies, the top of a mountain, IKEA, our backyard in Michigan, our balcony in Florida, our boat "Bessie", on the couch with our dogs & cats.  🐾❤️  

And Disney.  Always Disney.  

Ok, now it's your turn - we can't wait to know fun, quirky, and unique stuff about the two of you!   

Deborah Skorupski & Mike Babisz

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